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Curacao Trade Mission to Brazil

CURACAO, 02-05-2011

Discussion with Brazilian Authorities about an Aviation Treaty with Curaçao

Continue discussions with new regime in Brazil about a Tax and Customs Treaty

Contact producers/manufacturers that are looking for outlets for their products, value added services/supply chain solutions f.e. packaging, re-packaging, call centers, distribution point for the Caribbean and North America/Europe.

Contact Aviation and Shipping Lines in relation to the above point.

Inquiry and Preparation for an eventual participation of Curacao in Intermodal 2011.

Stimulate Curacao as an attractive tourism destination.

Stimulate business contacts between Curaçao and Brazilian companies. Facilitation of the sectors involved in promoting our jurisdiction in Brazil in order to bring investment opportunities to the attention of Brazilian investors e.g. Tourism, the International Financial Services Sector, Logistics and the E-zone.

The Foundation for the Development of Logistical Projects in Curaçao facilitated the production of a Curaçao Business and Investment Promotion DVD for the Brazilian market. This launch is scheduled to take place during the Trade Mission.

Curaçao can offer many opportunities to companies in Brazil that want to engage in International Business. Curaçao can be a financial, logistics and virtual Hub for Brazilian companies seeking to conquer the Caribbean, Central American, US and European markets. Curaçao could become the Showcase for Brazilian products to business people in the aforementioned territories. Besides that, Curaçao is a great destination for the Brazilian traveler, either for business or for pleasure.