Global business reality has been fundamentally and permanently altered by economic and financial disruption. The nature and degree of transformation will vary across industries. New buyer values. Emerging consumers. Shifting power in the value chain. New competitors. New rules. Chronic volatility. Prospects for growth. New business models. New talent agenda. Return of the boomers. Haves and have nots.

Especially in the dynamic times that lie ahead of us, the focus on the quality of businesses and assets is detrimental for our success in achieving growth. The ability to invest in growth and the choices of where and how to grow will widen the gap between winners and losers.

Our business and investment philosophies are widely diversified and not specifically predetermined or geared towards specific industries or geographical areas. Our core competence, with regard to the projects we do, is our financial expertise.

With this as a given, our focuses are mainly determined by opportunities and trends.