A deepening phase of globalization we call the “multi-polar” business world will impact every aspect of operations in the logistics industry. This new, increasingly complex environment will present significant growth opportunities and competitive threats.


Top integrated logistical hubs offer trusted, value-generating services across areas such as: international financial services, information transfer, free-zone, sea and airport services. 

Within the logistics industry, we focus on the physical logistics, the virtual logistics and financial logistics. The inconnection within these types of logistics is only intensifying more and more.

As it comes to logistics we offer:

  • A global mindset and global languages
  • Human Capital
  • Focus on a hassle-free business environment
  • Dynamic stakeholders involvement
  • High value services focused on sea and airports, financial services sector and information transfer process. 

We function geographically in and from a potential logistical hub based on its macro economy policy, taxation, communication, immigration, labor, quality of life, global perspective among the governments and business people.

Through AIC, Arthur Adams is also the Chairman of the Foundation Project Development Logistical Sector Curacao, a member of the Supervisory Board of the Curacao International Financial Center (CIFC), the chairman of the Association of International Bankers (IBA) and a board member of the Curacao International Financial Services Association (CIFA). Since 2011, AIC is in charge of the management of CIFA.

Within the physical logistical sector our focus is among others on:

  • The maritime sector
  • Aviation
  • The Automotive sector