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It is this inspiration that unseparately connects the black diamond, Izaline and AIC. Creating a discreet and mystique notion of allure.
The diamond is the most popular gemstone. It is known for its beauty and extreme hardness. The black diamond sets it apart from other diamonds. And from other gemstones of all kinds. The use of diamonds ranges from practical to mystical. But it is the black diamond’s uniqueness that makes it most interesting. There have been several myths surrounding the black diamond. Due perhaps to its unusual nature and rarity.


It conveys both the power and value of thoughts it inspires. Desires it creates. Thoughts and desires such as growth, power and transparency. As excellence, passion, and diversity. But also focus, allure and grace.

These thoughts have also been included as mainstream attributes to our business and investment approach. Making this approach an exceptional process of achieving more and being more. The backbone of our company, AIC.

In the free composition of contours. Of beings. Of visions that constitutes our business. An intriguing mix of contrasts appears. Inciting us to keep going. A process and company to experience to its fullest. Conceived for modern business people and investors. Each with their own desire.

Such as our renown Izaline Calister. An exceptional singer and song writer and a longstanding business relationship and endorser of AIC. With a unique musical style. Combined with the traditional music from her birth island Curacao. In Papiamento. And still conquered a public all over the world. Her stage performance is unforgettable. Sometimes humble, then again endazzling. A charismatic and inspirational diva on bare feet.